How to Invest in Parler: The Ultimate Guide Never Should Miss

Considering Parler? How much is Parler stock? Parler is a popular social media app for a good reason. Many people ask what Parler’s stock price is. Learn if you can buy Parler stock and get a list of competitive stocks to watch.

Since the birth of social media platforms, individuals have assumed that freedom of speech equally applies to the internet. Nonetheless, society is learning the hard way that the huge social media platforms we use on a daily basis restrict our ability to pick who is permitted on the site and what they can say.

Parler is a social networking platform dedicated to safeguarding free expression. Controversy and criticism have surrounded its rise to prominence, but its commitment to the values upon which it was founded has enabled it to attract a committed following that continues to grow.

We examine the issue of purchasing Parler Stock below. This section addresses the question, “Can you buy Parler stock?”

What is Parler?

As a result of its commitment to users’ freedom of free expression, the American social networking site Parler has attracted a predominantly far-right user base. Everyone has the right to free expression, and several social media platforms blatantly abuse this basic human right, but Parler does not.

Founded in 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee, Parler is a microblogging and social networking website that enables users to communicate with one another. According to how to debate, Parler is particularly popular among conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists, and if ever there was a group exercising their right to free speech, it would be these men.

In light of this, it is plausible to assume that they are keeping their 2018 promise to be an “unbiased and free speech alternative to big social media platforms.”

In the mid-2030s, Parler acquired notoriety and appeal, attracting thousands of new members. As of February 2022, Parler’s count has about one million active users, and the total number of users is anticipated to range between 15 and 20 million.

Is the Parler app free?

The Parler app is available for free download and use. Due to Parler’s violation of Google’s store guidelines, it is not permitted to be used on Android smartphones, and Parler is now only available on iOS.

What’s on Parler?

Politics and sports are the two most popular parley subjects on Parler, and these are the Parley categories Parler encourages people to discuss. Parler is a platform for free speech, where users can Parley about any topic they like.

With Parler’s new capabilities, such as polls, favoriting, and sharing, Parler anticipates that users will generate more interactive debates over time.

Notable Users

Below is a list of noteworthy users who have publicly endorsed their use of the Parler platform:

  • Sean Hannity (Fox News Personality)
  • Rand Paul (R – Kentucky)
  • Ted Cruz (R – FL)
  • Devin Nunes (R – CA)
  • Jim Jordan (R – OH)
  • Elise Stefanik (R – NY)
  • Nikki Haley (UN Ambassador)

Who finances Parler?

According to speculations, Robert Mercer, who was a major investor in Cambridge Analytica, also finances Parler. The microblogging service has a substantial number of Trump supporters and conservatives as users. The startup’s Mercer funding was contingent on the company providing customers control over what they see on the website. The corporation has not responded to Axios’ requests for comment, though.

John Matze, the company’s CEO, has disputed the rumors. He claims ignorance of the problem but prepares users for the worst-case scenario. Despite being the son of a conservative business magnate, Mercer’s involvement in Parler is not coincidental. Mercer has a long history of conservative funding causes, and Parler’s new board consists of members who share his beliefs.

There are two additional individuals with intimate ties to the Parler team. One is owned by President Donald Trump, while the former president owns the other. The president has denied being a member of the Parler board, and he has also expressed skepticism over the concept of “a jury system” for moderation. The outgoing CEO has submitted to the organization’s new leadership, and it is difficult to imagine him as the CEO if he lacks support.

The creators of Parler are anti-conservative by nature. The company’s website declares that it intends to establish a censorship-free area for conservatives to express their views. Their founder, Bryan C., asserts that Parler will assist those who disagree with their political stances. The company has a solid reputation, so we should be wary about funding it. It is unclear who is funding Parler?

How does Parler generate revenue?

Parler desires to earn money through advertising and network influencers. The company also intends to charge businesses for organizing parleys. Parler has been criticized for having too stringent Parley conditions, especially if the Parley author is unwilling to pay Parler.

While Parler does not currently have a stock price, it is important to monitor the company as it goes public and grows in strength and success. Parler may be an ideal alternative to Twitter and other social media platforms because it enables unfettered discourse, which many claims these platforms lack. In addition to generating revenue from adverts and influencers, Parler hopes to attract a sufficient number of Parley producers to their website, and this could be advantageous for Parler.

What is driving Parler’s expansion?

Facebook (FB), Twitter, and other social networks intensified efforts to combat disinformation prior to and after the November presidential election. This prompted some famous conservatives to assert that their voices were disproportionately repressed. In the weeks following the election, Twitter buried scores of President Donald Trump’s tweets, and both Twitter and Facebook banned him when he supported a siege of the Capitol through rallies and social media.

Despite the fact that Facebook and Twitter are still rife with disinformation and hatred, Trump’s followers view the measures taken by Big Tech to curb the spread of misinformation as censorship. And some are searching online for alternate housing.

In a tweet shortly after Election Day, Maria Bartiromo of Fox News echoed a rallying cry of other famous conservative voices: “I will soon leave Twitter and travel to Parler. Please sign up for @parler immediately.” Bartiromo continues to use Twitter.

A significant number of users have followed these voices into the platform, fuelled by complaints about the efforts that major social media platforms have taken against election misinformation and false allegations of voting fraud, such as the use of fact-check labels to dispute claims.

This contributed to the success of Parler in the Apple (AAPL) and Android app stores.

Can we buy Parler?

Unfortunately, Parler is not currently listed on any public stock exchange. If you search the markets, you will not find the Parler stock price.

Parler is a highly effective social media company. Although its user base does not compare to that of larger companies like Facebook or Twitter, it has over 20 million members.

Therefore, it makes sense to wish to invest in the company.

What is Parler’s stock price?

Due to the fact that Parler is not currently a publicly listed social media platform, there is no price to report for a single stock of the company.

The most precise method for estimating the price of an IPO would be to compare it to the prices of comparable social media companies.

Using the initial public offering prices of comparable social media companies, we may estimate a price range for the company’s IPO.

With a social media platform that distinguishes itself from its competitors by promising to uphold the freedom of speech the site was founded on, consistently adding new features for its users to utilize and the publicity the site receives from various controversies it is involved in, it is reasonable to assume that if Parler ever goes public, the price of their IPO could fall somewhere within the opening prices listed above.

Therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that the opening price of its IPO might vary from $15 to $85.

In contrast, the prospective growth of a single share of stock could range from $80 to $3,000 based on the recent 52-week highs of firms in the same industry.

Will There be a Parler IPO Date?

At this moment, it appears as though Parler is going to remain a privately held corporation.

The firm has yet to declare an IPO, and it’s doubtful that it will.

They have effectively generated funding via private methods, with an event taking place in January 2022 that raised $20 million.

The corporation isn’t having any problem remaining solvent as a private venture.

What is the Parler Stock Symbol?

Parler has not reserved a stock symbol or ticker as far as we can tell. PARLR appears to be available, which may be an excellent stock symbol.

Wait for a Parler initial public offering or not?

Investing could be dangerous if Parler becomes a publicly traded corporation.

Many link the platform with radicalism, conspiracy theories, and hate speech.

If it becomes a publicly traded corporation, it is always possible to be delisted again.

Despite this, it is improbable that Parler stock will become available.

Due to the company’s emphasis on free expression, becoming a publicly-traded company carries the risk of compromising this characteristic.

Ultimately, public corporations must answer to their shareholders.

Why is Parler controversial?

Parler is rife with misinformation, including a deluge of false allegations of voter fraud. The website has become a hotbed for Trump-backed conspiracy theories that cast doubt on President-elect Biden’s victory.

On Parler, it is not difficult to find accounts with swastikas as profile pictures and offensive racial statements. According to an ADL study, members of the Proud Boys, followers of the conspiracy theory QAnon, anti-government extremists, and white supremacists all espouse their views publicly on Parler.

The ADL said that Holocaust denial, antisemitism, racism, and other forms of hatred are equally easy to find.

Lin Wood, a member of President Donald Trump’s legal team, gestures while speaking at a rally in Alpharetta, Georgia, on December 2, 2020.

According to the ADL, both extremists and “mainstream conservatives” are using the app to coordinate and recruit for pro-Trump actions such as the Capitol siege and the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, DC.

Apple asserted that Parler’s tweets contain multiple “direct threats of damage and incitement to engage in unlawful activity.” The company asserted that Parler’s procedures to regulate or prohibit dangerous and illegal content circulation are “insufficient.”

What does Parler’s foreseeable future hold?

Amazon, Apple, and Google (GOOGL) have all removed Parler from their platforms over the past twenty-four hours, effectively rendering it homeless on the internet.

After rising public and internal pressure, Amazon (AMZN) will withdraw Parler from its cloud hosting service, Amazon Web Services, on Sunday evening, thereby removing it off the public internet.

The move went into effect at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, we will shut down Parler’s website and app until it can find a new hosting provider. Monday morning, the Parler website was not accessible.

Even if it finds a new host, Parler’s persistence is uncertain. Throughout the years, accusations of censorship have encouraged the emergence of many alternatives, such as Gab, 4chan, and 8chan. However, no one has yet succeeded in establishing a substantial and long-lasting right-leaning platform. These smaller competitors lack the resources of large corporations such as Facebook. Their infrastructure can crumble under the burden of growing traffic. They often lack the functionality that users are accustomed to on other social platforms.

Parler also intends to become publicly traded in the near future. Parler has been rapidly expanding its user base. It is anticipated that its monthly active users will increase from 2.3 million to 9 million in 2021, providing Parler the opportunity to surpass Twitter or become one of the leading social media programs.

Parler has the potential to become one of the most popular social media programs if it can avoid hate speech and the spread of falsehoods, which led to the closure of apps like Gab. Parler plans to defeat social media competitors such as Twitter and Facebook by copying their features while enhancing some of Parler’s existing features, such as Parleys.

How to invest in Parler?

At this time, it appears that Parler will continue to be a privately held company. The company has not yet declared an IPO, and it is unlikely that it will. However, we can invest in comparable businesses. Below is a list of comparable companies to Parler.

1. Meta Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook is the best option if you wish to invest in a social media network. The company is now known as Meta, and it intends to expand its services beyond what it now provides.

Facebook is unquestionably a social media giant, but they are always evolving. Investing in Meta is not equivalent to investing in social media alone. And instead, you should consider it an investment in the invention.

The corporation has virtual reality and the “metaverse” in its sights. They intend to develop entirely new virtual worlds, which will result in an increase in overall revenue.

Meta may be considered one of the “tech tyrants,” and its stock price may reflect this if it continues to grow.

2. Snap, Inc. (NYSE: SNAP)

Snap, Inc. is another social media network worth investing in. This company is responsible for Snapchat, one of the most popular social media applications available.

Snap is used to send image and video messages to friends, as is well as knowledge. Since 2011, it has been operating and has been particularly popular among younger people.

Snapchat is not devoid of its own issues. Once upon a time, the company had a reputation for being exploited for illicit reasons.

Although unrelated to hate speech, these illegal activities severely damaged the brand’s reputation. However, the company has now rebounded, making the app more family-friendly.

3. TRUTH Social

Donald Trump has established the newly-formed, publicly-traded social media website TRUTH Social.

TRUTH launched only a few days ago, on February 21, 2022, and is now restricted to customers in the United States and Canada. However, the company has hopes to increase its customer base by the end of the year.

Similar to Parler, the platform is based on the renowned Mastodon and focuses on enabling its members to exercise their right to free speech.

Currently, the only way to invest in TRUTH social stock is through DWAC, but the public offering is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2022.

4. Twitter, Inc. (NYSE: TWTR)

Twitter is one of the most popular alternatives available when it comes to digital communications. The startup enables users to engage in Twitter-based chats with other app users.

Numerous users rely on the social media app for news, socializing, and entertainment! Twitter, like Facebook, has a large user base and serves as a hub for both ordinary individuals and businesses.

Additionally, if you want to invest in a company with less controversy, Twitter could be an option. However, Twitter has had its share of problems.

However, public opinion tends to favor Twitter, and it is unlikely that Who will remove this digital behemoth from stores as Parler did. Consequently, investing in Twitter stocks could be more secure.

How to invest in company stocks?

If you are interested in purchasing stocks, here is a straightforward, step-by-step tutorial on how to do so.

  • Find an online stockbroker.
  • Determine which stocks are of interest.
  • Determine how many shares you will purchase.
  • Select stock order type (limit, market, spread, etc.)
  • Buy the stock.

Clearly, this is a massive oversimplification of the process and should only be considered a general overview of how to purchase stocks. Before making an investment, you will still need to understand and become familiar with a number of additional topics.


There are numerous similarities between Parler and Facebook and Twitter, and Parler is an excellent alternative to Facebook and Twitter. Users of Parler can anticipate its features to evolve and improve over time. If it continues to gain users, Parler has the potential to become one of the most popular social media platforms within the next five years, surpassing Facebook and Twitter in popularity.

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