Kyocera, a Japanese chipmaker, avers that its founder Kazuo Inamori has died

Kyocera Corp. announced on Tuesday that the company’s founder had gone away.

The founder of Japanese electronics manufacturer Kyocera Corp. has passed away, the firm announced on Tuesday.

Kyocera announced in a statement on August 24 that 90-year-old Inamori passed away at his residence in Kyoto due to old age.

With an initial investment of 3 million yen ($21,691.91), he established Kyocera, then known as Kyoto Ceramic Co., in 1959. The multinational corporation today employs approximately 60,000 people and manufactures a variety of items, from electrical components to kitchen knives.

Inamori was appointed CEO of the bankrupt Japan Airlines Co. in 2010, and he helped the company restructure and relist on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2012.

Inamori was the honorary chairman of Kyocera and a Buddhist priest through ordination.

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