How to Get Free Stocks: The Full Guide of Easy Way to Get Free Stocks

Did you know you can get free stock shares to trade? Typically, these promotions are exclusive to new users. Typically, you receive free stock when you open an account and finance it.

How about receiving free stocks? There are numerous ways to obtain free stocks from corporations and investment apps. A number of businesses are giving free stock to get individuals to try their services. This article examines ways to obtain free stocks that you can hold for the long term or sell for profit.

Free stocks are provided to new users who install an investment app. You may be familiar with it from comparable situations, such as when you subscribe to a newspaper and receive a bonus payment or online coupon. Obtaining a free stock bonus of more than $1,000 is unlikely, but it’s a terrific start if you’re fortunate.

How to Get Free Stocks?

Let’s examine the greatest accessible offerings in depth. Numerous of these deals contain a no-cost incentive upon registration or account creation and some demand you to deposit a specific amount to qualify. Taking advantage of various offers can result in substantial benefits. Please note that these offers are subject to rapid modification. is well-known investing software with unique social elements. Using the app, you may interact with new individuals, share insights with your friends, and follow other investors. You can even participate in group discussions with other members and publicly traded company executives.

It is a perfect forum for those who like to learn more about investing and for those who enjoy communicating with other investors. The community is extremely active, so there is always something new to discover.

The utilization of themes is an additional aspect of that is intriguing. Themes are essentially lists of businesses that share a characteristic (for example, female CEOs). You can utilize themes to identify potential investment opportunities. Sourcian is a dedicated platform for the recommendation of the best manufacturers. Your sourcing journey starts right here at sourcian. offers commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies in addition to these exclusive features. No minimum balance or minimum deposit is necessary to purchase whole or fractional shares of stock, making it an excellent option for beginning investors. provides a user-friendly interface and a multitude of features and perks, making it one of the top investment apps.

Public also stands out since it does not participate in Payment for Order Flow (PFOF), meaning it does not sell your transactions, and your transactions are instead sent straight to the exchanges.

M1 Finance

The M1 Finance investment app has received over 20,000 five-star ratings. Over 500,000 investors have already registered accounts with M1 Finance, which Investopedia ranks as the winner of the category “Best for Low Costs.” The app is simple to use, and registration for M1 Finance takes only a few minutes. Currently, no free stock is available, but you may qualify for a signup incentive.

Currently, transferring your securities from your present brokerage account to M1 Finance can earn you up to $3,500.

The $40 entrance bonus is awarded if your account transfer surpasses $10,000. From there, the bonus gradually grows. Over $100,000, M1 Finance pays a $250 bonus and provides free M1 swag, which includes a mug, a notepad, and stickers. Things become interesting when the loan amount surpasses $100,000, at which point a $250 bonus is paid in addition to the exclusive M1 swag, which includes a cup. The maximum bonus of $3,500 is awarded for account transfers surpassing $2,000,000 in value.

Over 10,000 astute investors have already moved over $700 million to M1 due to the popularity of this offer. This indicates that, on average, $70,000 are transferred from institutions such as Vanguard, Schwab, and Fidelity in exchange for a $150 bonus.


Webull is an excellent site for acquiring free stock.

Webull is a commission-free investing app, and when you open an account and deposit at least $100, you will receive one free stock. The value of the stock you acquire might range from approximately $8 to $1,600.

To be eligible for free stock, you must sign up and open an account. Then, if you link a bank account to your account and deposit $100, you will receive a signup bonus of free stock worth between $8 and $1600.

Once an account has been created, there are sometimes opportunities to gain even more free stock. You’ll have a referral link in your account to share the service with others. Everyone who opens an account using your referral link will receive free stock, as will you. Additionally, they now offer bitcoin, and you can earn free cryptocurrency by introducing others to the site.

Per the conditions of the arrangement, you may leave your free stock in your account and watch it develop, or you may cash it out.

Webull’s offers are subject to change on a frequent basis; therefore, before signing up, you should pay special attention to the current free stock offer.


Using applications like Robinhood, you may invest in stocks, options, cryptocurrency, and ETFs with as little as $1 and commission-free transactions.

If you choose to open a Robinhood account, you may learn and comprehend financial global markets so that you can invest commission-free in stocks, ETFs, and options with confidence.

The typical trader has benefited tremendously from Robinhood’s pioneering of commission-free trading, which has caused nearly all other brokerages to scramble to offer free transactions in order to remain competitive.

The app and layout of Robinhood make it easy to acquire stocks and options. Before purchasing a stock, cryptocurrency, or other investment, you can gain access to real-time market data, read pertinent stock news articles, and be alerted to significant happenings.

Moreover, you can manage your portfolio on the go using the Robinhood mobile application (iOS and Android).

Additionally, Robinhood allows you to set up customized news and alerts so that you can monitor your stocks as frequently or infrequently as you wish. You have control over the flow of information.

In addition, Robinhood offers a variety of tools to help your money work harder for you, including a Cash Management account and a savings account with FDIC coverage of up to $1.25 million.


Nvstr is another investment app that offers no-minimum trading and access to the insights of prominent investors. Working with award-winning research, you will be able to allocate or reallocate your portfolio with cutting-edge efficiency using only one click.

As with most of the services we’ve discussed thus far, Nvstr offers a bonus! After registering, you’ll receive a free bonus of up to $1,000. If you execute a trade within two months of joining up, the bonus will be added to your account. The catch is that the bonus cannot be withdrawn for 12 months. However, based on your investments, your bonus may increase in value throughout that time!


Dough is an excellent, low-cost trading application. The company takes a minimalist approach to trade, providing novice traders with a user-friendly, non-confusing trading interface. Dough’s free stock offer is contingent on referrals, and both the existing user and the new user they refer receive one share of free stock. After registering for an account and getting approval, both you and the person who referred you will receive free stock within seven business days. In order to withdraw funds, you must link an external bank account to your profile.

Dough selects your free stocks from the top 200 most actively traded stocks and gives you one share with a maximum stock of $200 to trade as you see fit. The majority of consumers receive free stock valued between $2 and $10. However, those who make higher investments may obtain stock ranging in value from $10 to $200.


Acorns is an innovative investment platform that offers a free stock program and other valuable incentives. Currently, registering a new account on their website is rewarded with a free $10 bonus.

Acorns is designed for customers who wish to invest small sums of money monthly. You can configure it to round up purchases and invest the difference in your investment portfolio.

In addition to offering free shares, Acorns works with a number of well-known companies to provide you with additional advantages. These retailers contribute a tiny amount of stock to your Acorns account whenever you make a purchase with them.

Amazon, for instance, offers Acorns subscribers in good standing stock equal to 3% of each Amazon purchase. You can receive comparable benefits from other well-known brands, such as Casper and Uber.

Acorns employs 256-bit encryption and bank-grade security to protect your data completely.

If interested, you can sign up for an Acorns account at one of three subscription levels. The Core plan includes rewards for purchases, automated investment, financial coaching, and more for a monthly cost of $1. This tier is free for students in college.

You can add Acorns Later for an additional $1 per month to your account. Acorns Later is designed for individuals who save for retirement and assists with the management of your IRA and 401(k) (k). You can set up periodic payments and roll over your existing 401(k) or IRA to grow your portfolio.

Acorns Spend is now available to users for just $3 per month. Acorns Spend is an FDIC-insured checking account that offers a number of benefits, including no ATM, overdraft, or minimum balance fees. In addition, your debit card will be effortlessly integrated with your investing account to round up purchases and contribute to your portfolio.

Although Acorns charges a fee for investing, their pricing is reasonable, and they offer many useful services. For example, many customers will earn more than the $1 monthly charge for Acorns Core by shopping with Acorns’ partners and earning Found Money.


Stash is a perfect platform for novice investors because it simplifies the process of selecting investments. You can choose fractional shares from thousands of stocks and invest any amount.

Stash provides information on how to choose investments such as stocks, ETFs, and bonds. Stash allows you to invest with only $1 when most platforms require you to purchase complete shares of investments.

In addition to your investment account, you have access to the Auto-Stash range of investing tools. Utilize intelligent analytics and a predetermined plan to save money. Stash is not just an app for trading or a bank but also a source of financial education.

You can earn a $5 bonus after registering on this site. Connect your bank account to your account and deposit at least $5. Then, you can receive your $5 incentive and begin purchasing fractional shares.

Joining the Stash “Stock-Back” rewards program is a second opportunity to acquire additional stock. When you use your Stash Visa debit card at participating retailers, you will receive a fractional share of the company’s stock as a reward.


Tornado offers a large registration incentive of up to $1,000 and a Learn & Earn feature that awards users with up to $50 towards investing for completing investment fundamentals learning modules. A few stipulations are associated with these offers, including a one-year withdrawal restriction and a one-month trading requirement.

Unlike Webull and Robinhood, Tornado charges $7.99 a month for a membership that includes 40 commission-free trades, or $4.50 per trade without a membership, which is comparable to Ally Invest and less than some other brokers. A simulated portfolio function allows you to utilize their cooperation and optimization capabilities without risking actual funds.

It was established by Bernard George and Patrick Aber in 2015. George has a background in hedge funds and engineering and a degree in physics from Harvard. Following his studies at Harvard in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Aber pioneered investment methods for Tower Research Capital and The Carlyle Group.

What to Do After You Get Your Free Stock?

Programs that provide access to free stock will not provide sufficient stock to make you wealthy. What can you do after receiving your free shares to begin building wealth?

Utilize the Chance to Learn

When most people receive free shares of stock from their work, as an account-opening bonus, or as a reward for a debit card transaction, they feel temporary joy but typically leave the stock to grow passively and don’t give it much thought.

Instead of putting your shares on the back burner, use this time to educate yourself about the stock market and overcome your anxiety about investing your own money.

By monitoring price fluctuations, determine what elements contribute to the upward and downward price movement on any particular day, week, or month. Consider whether the stock pays dividends and how this relates to its risk level and overall return.

You can learn something new every day if you merely observe the performance of your free stock shares.

Investigate Investment Strategy

Fear of loss typically diminishes with education and experience. Educate yourself on the various investment strategies that have been effective for other investors, and apply them to increase your portfolio.

Before adding any stocks to your portfolio, ensure that you are selecting the greatest available firms. Stock screeners such as Stock Rover can assist you in identifying companies that suit your specific criteria. Learn more about our preferred stock screening tools.

Use a Trading Simulator

Use a trading simulator to test your investment methods in a genuine market environment if you are still unclear as to whether investing is worthwhile. These simulators provide access to virtual currency for free.

If you lose that money, it is equivalent to losing game points rather than actual cash.

Consider the use of a Robo-Advisor

Prior to selecting your own specific stocks, it is best to educate yourself about investing, as most novices find it to be a complicated process. However, this does not imply that you must wait and allow the compounding power of investing to pass you by while you learn.


Signing up for any of these accounts is an easy method to get free cash and stocks. Earning stock benefits you not only in the short term but also in the long term as the value of your stock shares.


What tax considerations are associated with free stock?

If you do not sell your stock or get dividends, you owe no taxes to the IRS. Traders who earn less than $10 in dividends or less than $600 in gains from a free stock are obligated to disclose the gift to the IRS, but the broker will not issue a 1099 tax form.

How much time is required to obtain free stock?

The majority of the mentioned free stock deals will deposit stock shares into your account within a few days.

Please review the offer terms if you have not yet received your free stocks. You may be disregarding a fundamental necessity.

It is extremely rare for stock apps to deny eligibility, but if they do, contacting them should swiftly remedy the issue.

Does it make sense to sign up solely to receive stock or a deposit bonus?

Who wouldn’t desire free money? Sure, it’s a terrific incentive for signing up with a broker, but before funding your account, be sure to conduct adequate research.

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