Heathrow Airport in London Says May Was Its Busiest Month Since March 2020

May was the busiest month since March 2020 at London’s Heathrow Airport, with 5,3 million passengers processed, or 79% of 2019 levels.

May was London’s Heathrow Airport‘s busiest month since March 2020, with 5.3 million passengers handled, or 79 percent of 2019 levels.

During the Jubilee half-term break, canceled flights, long lines, and personnel shortages at UK airports interrupted the travel plans of British vacationers.

However, Heathrow reported that its check-in process generally ran smoothly in May, with more passengers checking in online while 90% of travelers through security in under ten minutes.

It was stated that no more flights were canceled than on a typical day and that the Border Force operated well.

Consistent with other airports in the United Kingdom and Europe, Heathrow cautioned that although it rebuilds capacity following the pandemic, resources remain scarce.

“We are collaborating closely with airlines and handlers to match supply and demand,” the document stated.

This has made the difference in Heathrow’s ability to transport passengers throughout the Easter and Jubilee holidays, and it is now being implemented by other key hubs in Europe.

On Tuesday, Heathrow will reopen Terminal 4, and 30 airlines will move in before the summer season.

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