Israel stocks are up at market closing; the TA 35 is up 1.35 percent

Increases in the Real Estate, Communication, and Technology sectors contributed to a surge in the Israeli stock market on Sunday evening. At the close of trading in Tel Aviv, the TA 35 rose 1.35 percent.

Sunday evening saw a rise in Israel’s stock market, driven by increases in the Real Estate, Communication, and Technology sectors.

At Tel Aviv’s closing, the TA 35 gained 1.35 percent.

Energix (TASE:ENRG) had the greatest performance on the TA 35 during the session, gaining 9.46 percent or 100.00 points to finish at 1.157.00. Alony Hetz Properties and Investments Ltd (TASE:ALHE) gained 7.40 percent, or 324.0 points, to close at 4,700.00, while Ormat Technologies (TASE:ORA) climbed 5.91 percent, or 1,570 points, to 28,120.00 in late trading.

Kenon Holdings Ltd (TASE:KEN) had the lowest performance throughout the day, falling 2.64 percent or 370.00 points to end at 13,620.00. Elbit Systems Ltd (TASE:ESLT) down 2.16 percent, or 1,720.00 points, to close at 78,000.00, while Nova (TASE:NVMI) fell 1.88 percent, or 570.00 points, to 29,790.00.

The ratio of advancing to decreasing equities on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange was 320 to 154, with 43 ending unchanged.

Shares of Nova (TASE:NVMI) reached 52-week lows, down 1.88 percent, or 570.00, to close at $29,790.00.

The price of a barrel of crude oil for August delivery rose 2.55 percent, or $2.70, to $108.46. Brent oil for September delivery increased 2.25 percent, or $2.45, to $111.48 per barrel, while the August Gold Futures contract rose 0.31 percent, or $5.60, to settle at $1,809.90 per troy ounce.

The USD/ILS jumped 0.93 percent to 3.53, while the EUR/ILS increased 0.42 percent to 3.68.

At 104.88, the US Dollar Index Futures rose 0.40 percent.

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